Knoxville Bankruptcy Counseling

Knoxville Bankruptcy Counseling

If you’re considering bankruptcy then debt counseling is something that you should highly consider as well. In case you’re unfamiliar with debt counseling, it is a process in which you receive education about how to avoid incurring debts that cannot be paid thru traditional methods. It also touches on the psychology of spending habits and best practices for wisely utilizing your money to its upmost potential. Debt counseling often involves negotiating with creditors to establish a debt management plan which will help the debtor repay their debt by working out a repayment plan with the creditor. This repayment plan is an essential part of the debt counseling process that will help you make your life debt free.

There are many different laws and rights that you have as a debtor. Here at Brackett & Strunk we know all about these laws including The Fair Debt Collections Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Tennessee Consumer Protection Act, and Collection services act. We can help you understand your rights so you’re not unfairly harassed by debt collectors. You have a right to discuss your debt issues with an attorney before seeing a judge. You have a right to tell debt collectors to cease and desist collection calls. We can help you favorably negotiate an ideal settlement. We know these laws inside and out! Let us make sure that you are informed about all of your options before trying to negotiate a settlement.

At Brackett & Strunk we have two of the best bankruptcy lawyers in East Tennessee who can help guide you thru the precarious journey of debt collection and bankruptcy. If you’re considering debt counseling then a competent bankruptcy lawyer or attorney is an absolute must. Justin Brackett and Maryville bankruptcy lawyer Brent Strunk both practiced bankruptcy law at other offices prior to creating Brackett & Strunk, PLLC.  They decided to build a boutique firm so that they can service the broader needs of debtors.  Understanding that not everyone in debt needs to file bankruptcy, they now focus on representing consumers in disputing debts, negotiating settlements and filing for bankruptcy relief.  They take a hands-on approach with each client, reviewing their budget and analyzing their individual needs.

Brackett & Strunk are not only knowledgeable but they’re local to the community and they love nothing more than to see our clients succeed. Justin and Brent know how it feels to struggle with debt and understand what you are going through. As UT graduates, they know that when something needs to be done, it should be done right the first time. As first generation attorneys, they know how important it is to work hard for every one of their clients and they appreciate each one of them.

If you’re interested in a free consultation with Brackett & Strunk please give us a call at (865) 264-2992 or (865) 268-3841. We have convenient office locations in both Knoxville and Maryville and we also have a website at We’re here to make sure that you get the representation that you need when dealing with debt counseling or bankruptcy cases.

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