Help You Have Fun This Summer While Staying Out Of Debt!


Knoxville bankruptcy lawyer Justin Brackett and Maryville bankruptcy lawyer Brent Strunk want to help you have fun this summer while staying out of debt! Both Brackett and Strunk have practiced bankruptcy law for years. Both practiced bankruptcy law at other offices prior to creating their own firm, Brackett and Strunk, PLLC. Brackett and Strunk understand that not everyone in debt needs to file bankruptcy. They focus on a variety of ways in which they can help you enjoy the summer debt free.

Brackett and Strunk were both born and raised right outside of Knoxville, Tennessee. These bankruptcy attorneys understand the individual needs of the people in our region. That is why they decided to create a boutique firm that focuses on servicing the broader needs of debtors. They focus on not only bankruptcy cases, but also focus on representing consumers in disputing debts, negotiating settlements, and filing for bankruptcy relief. Bankruptcy lawyers Justin and Brent take a hands on approach with each client, reviewing their budget and analyzing their individual needs.

Justin and Brent know what it feels like to struggle with debt, and they know what you are going through. These University of Tennessee graduates know how to get a job done when it needs to be done, and they feel this need for each and every one of their clients. These Knoxville bankruptcy attorneys know how important it is to work hard for their clients, and they appreciate and respect each and every one of them. It is the goal and passion of Brackett and Strunk to help you enjoy a debt free summer and a debt free life.

Justin Brackett and Brent Strunk want to help you feel empowered. Everyone faces hard times, and it can be absolutely terrifying to go through that alone. Brackett and Strunk are here to make sure that their clients never have to feel that fear. They use their knowledge of bankruptcy law and debt defense to make sure that each and every one of their clients is treated fairly and receives the respect that they deserve. These talented bankruptcy lawyers want to help their clients stop harassing collection phone calls, stop foreclosures, stop the fear, and get their personal finances back on track. This is their passion, and that passion gets results.

Don’t spend another day living with collection phone calls, the fear of foreclosure, and unwarranted debt. There is help out there, and that help comes in the form of Justin Brackett and Brent Strunk. The law offices of Brackett and Strunk offer free initial consultations. They do this to ensure that they fully understand the case and the best way possible to serve each and every client. Backett and Strunk want you to know your legal rights. Do not spend another single day worrying about foreclosure or dealing with harassing collection phone calls. These talented and caring Knoxville bankruptcy lawyers are here to help. For all your financial legal concerns, contact Brackett and Strunk, PLLC. today, and enjoy the rest of your summer without the fear of debt!

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