Declaring Bankruptcy Knoxville


Declaring bankruptcy is a stressful, daunting experience, which can become a complete nightmare by hiring the wrong bankruptcy lawyer. Brackett and Strunk are Knoxville bankruptcy attorneys who have over ten years of combined service. Brackett and Strunk have a boutique style firm, which allows them to use a ‘hands-on’ approach to help advise each of their clients. Before taking on a client, Brackett and Strunk offer a free consultation that insures that they can efficiently assist their client. Combining the consultation with these guidelines, will help you know that you picked the right bankruptcy lawyer.

Don’t Procrastinate and Be Proactive:

No one enjoys facing their financial troubles head on. Being proactive from the beginning will insure that you have picked the right lawyer for you, and which will provide ample time to prepare your case. While you are selecting your lawyer, research how they have helped other bankruptcy clients and investigate their certificates. Checking out their office will help provide you with a visual of how they conduct their business. Another way for you to evaluate your lawyer is by watching them in action. Observe your potential lawyer in court, and while you are there, ask the debtors questions.

The Right Questions:

Aside from asking debtors questions, you should ask your potential bankruptcy lawyer the right questions. Searching for the right bankruptcy lawyer should include an interview process. Brackett and Strunk are the type of bankruptcy attorneys that are prepared to be asked questions from potential clients about their experience, which includes the amount of bankruptcies they handle each year. While picking the right lawyer for your case, it is important to ask whether the firm handles business or personal bankruptcies. Business and personal bankruptcies are often filed under different chapters, so they have a different process. Getting to know which lawyer you will be working with is also important to your filing. Brackett and Strunk have a smaller firm, which will give potential customers a chance to have face time with the lawyer that is handling their case. When choosing a bankruptcy lawyer, it is important to get to know the lawyer representing you, so you can stay involved in the process and make sure you are familiar with the procedure.

Be Vocal and Knowing Your Role:

Making sure you know your role will help the whole process run smoother. A good lawyer will brief you on your role, and sticking to it will result in a successful filing. During the bankruptcy process, you and your lawyer should work together. No bankruptcy lawyer should do everything solo, and it is your job to stay up on your case. Check the progress of the filings, and periodically check to see if the creditors are being dropped. This way you can mark your lawyer’s progress, and your proceedings will run smoothly.
Brackett and Strunk are Knoxville bankruptcy lawyers that want to help you with your unique financial situation. They offer a free consultation to best serve you, and additional information can be found on their website: